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Kakefuton Covers

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Custom Kakefuton Covers in Japanese Fabrics

Please Click on the Images Below for a Close Up Picture of the Kake Futon Cover and fabric - please note these pictures are taken with the kakefuton inside the cover. Kakefuton not included.

Asa No Ha Black Fabric Asa No Ha Red Fabric Asa No Ha Navy Small Pattern Asa No Ha Navy Large Pattern Asa No Ha Gold Fabric Asa No Ha Purple Fabric Kasuri Black Fabric Kasuri Red Fabric Kasuri Navy Fabric Tombo Blue #2 Fabric
Tombo Gold Fabric Tombo Lavender Fabric Tombo Navy Fabric Tombo Red Fabric Tombo Teal Fabric Tombo # 2 Red Fabric Seikai Ha Green Fabric Seikai Ha Lavender Fabric Seikai Ha Navy Fabric Seikai Ha Orange Fabric
Seikai Ha Red Fabric Ya Gasuri Blue Fabric Ya Gasuri Matcha Fabric Ya Gasuri Navy Fabric Ya Gasuri Red Fabric Red Kanji Fabric Kanji Black Fabric Sakura Brown Fabric Sakura Charcoal Fabric Sakura Gold Fabric
Sakura Navy Fabric Sakura Red Fabric Usagi Red Fabric Usagi Navy Fabric Black Ultra Sateen Burgundy Fabric Espresso Fabric Kelly Fabric Nightfall Fabric  

Kake Futons Need Covers.

Why cover your kakefuton with a white cover when you can have one in a stunning Japanese traditional geometric or elaborate cotton sateen design?

Order in either the contemporary style without border or the traditional style bordered in white cotton sateen.

Our kake futon covers also double as duvet covers so you can use your favorite comforter or quilt inside instead of a kake futon. These 100% Japanese cotton covers are backed with a luxurious white cotton sateen fabric.

As these are made to order in your choice of fabric - please allow 5-7 days for shipment.

Twin Size

59" x 80"


Full Size

76" x 84"


Queen Size

82" x 86"


Single Size - Fits J-Life Single Kakefuton

66" x 92 "


Double Size - Fits J-Life Double Kakefuton

82" x 92"