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Single J-Life Kakefuton Comforter 66" x 92 "
KF002 $349.95

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Double J-Life Kakefuton Comforter 82" x 92"
KF003 $399.95

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Custom J-Life Silk Filled Kakebuton Comforters

Asa No Ha Black Fabric Asa No Ha Red Fabric Asa No Ha Navy Small Pattern Asa No Ha Navy Large Pattern Asa No Ha Gold Fabric Asa No Ha Purple Fabric Kasuri Black Fabric Kasuri Red Fabric Kasuri Navy Fabric Tombo Blue #2 Fabric Tombo Gold Fabric
Tombo Lavender Fabric Tombo Navy Fabric Tombo Red Fabric Tombo Teal Fabric Tombo # 2 Red Fabric Seikai Ha Green Fabric Seikai Ha Lavender Fabric Seikai Ha Navy Fabric Seikai Ha Orange Fabric Seikai Ha Red Fabric Ya Gasuri Blue Fabric
Ya Gasuri Matcha Fabric Ya Gasuri Navy Fabric Ya Gasuri Red Fabric Red Kanji Fabric Kanji Black Fabric Sakura Brown Fabric Sakura Charcoal Fabric Sakura Gold Fabric Sakura Navy Fabric Sakura Red Fabric Usagi Red Fabric
Usagi Navy Fabric Black Ultra Sateen Burgundy Fabric Espresso Fabric Kelly Fabric Nightfall Fabric          

With Handy and Practical Zippered Storage Case

Enjoy the traditional weight and warmth of a Japanese kakefuton comforter in our new, silk-filled kakebutons - and - choose a custom cover to match your decor!

Finally, a Kakefuton that Can Be Cleaned!

Unlike polyester/cotton-filled kakefutons, our silk-filled kakefutons are dry cleanable and the removable 100% Japanese cotton custom covers are machine washable!

Hand Pulled Silk Makes the Difference!

Each of these soft, thick comforters is filled with hand-pulled mulberry silk - completely natural and untreated. Light and supple, silk fibers constantly equalize temperature and retain body warmth making them a superior filling for kakefutons. The 100% cotton inner cover is quilted to guarantee that the silk filling does not shift - adding to the even-heating properties of these delighful kakefutons.

Perfect for Allergy Sufferers!

Unlike down and cotton, Silk is naturally hypo-allergenic and inhospitable to dust mites. Mildew resistant - silk whisks away and dissipates moisture.

Choose Your Removable Custom Cover From Our Fabulous Japanese Fabrics!

The choice is yours! From traditional Japanese geometric patterns to exotic oriental prints we offer an outstanding selection of fabrics for your kakefuton cover. Whether you choose the traditional bordered style or the more contemporary unbordered cover, these 100% Japanese cotton covers are backed with a luxurious white cotton sateen fabric.

Get An Extra Removable Custom Cover!

Single Size Kakefuton Cover - 66" x 92 " KF004-S $149.95 Buy Now

Double Size Kakefuton Cover - 82" x 92"KF004-D $159.95 Buy Now

Due to the handmade nature of our futon and bedding items, please allow 5-7 business days for shipment of your order.