J-Life 5" Shizen 自然 Organic Shikifuton
$749 to $1149

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J-Life Super Firm 3" Shizen 自然 Organic Shikifuton
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The J-Life Shizen 自然 Organic Shiki Futon

100% Organic - No Foam - No Pesticides - Natural Fire Resistance

Now Available in New Super Firm Traditional 3" Thickness

The J-Life Shizen 自然 Organic Shiki Futon offers a true Japanese sleeping experience with all natural, 100% organic materials. Now also available in a Super Firm 3" mattress for those who want a more traditional thin futon.

The word Shizen (pronounced she-zen) 自然 has several meanings in Japanese - Natural, At Ease, Without Stress. All of those meanings apply to our premiere organic futon. Your sleep will be safe from chemicals and pesticidal residue with the natural comfort of superb long staple fiber cotton wrapped in needle punched wool.

Long fiber staple US grown cotton makes up the core of your futon mattress. It is softer with greater resilience than the short fiber staple cotton generally available in the United States. The Japanese have prized long fiber staple cotton for centuries for its superior sleep qualities. Our long fiber staple cotton is organically grown - that means no chemical fertilizers or pesticides and certified organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) where it has earned the highest organic certification available.

We use needle punched wool to wrap the cotton in fire resistant, mold resistant and dust mite resistant softness. How can wool make your mattress fire resistant? It just can. Before modern materials exceeded its qualities wool was used for firemen's clothing. Our futons have met the highest US federal flammability standards.

The natural lanolin in sheep's wool deters dust mites and mold.

The cover is 100% organic 10 ounce cotton twill.

New Improved 5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

5 Inch Shizen Futon available in 5 sizes - Cot 30" x 75" $749, Twin 39" x 75" $849, Twin X-L 39" x 80" $949, Full 54" x 75" $949, Queen 60" x 80" $1149.

3 Inch Shizen Futon available in 4 sizes - Twin 39" x 75" - $665, Twin XL 39" x 80" - $749, Full 54" x 75" - $749, Queen 60" x 80" - $865

The J-Life Shizen 自然 Organic Shiki Futon is a true Japanese mattress offering the ultimate in support. The comfort level is firm.

Made in the USA to our specifications by a premier futon and mattress manufacturer, the J-Life Shizen 自然 Organic Shiki Futon offers the ultimate comfort of a true Japanese shikifuton made with 100% organic materials.

The five inch 100% organic wool wrapped cotton filling is covered in a tough 10 ounce 100% organic white twill cover ensuring that this shikifuton will stand up to daily use for many years. Additonally, most users do not require any additional padding (such as a tri-fold mattress) to be completely comfortable.

  • Filling - Wool Wrapped Organic Cotton - 5 inches / Super Firm - 3 inches

  • Cover - Durable 10 ounce 100% organic white twill cover.

  • Comfort - 5" Firm/ 3" Super Firm

  • Meets all US Federal flammability standards.

  • Manufacturing - Hand Made using American machinery

  • Availability - Ships within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays)

  • Warranty - Five Year Manufacturer's Warranty against defects in workmanship or materials 自然

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