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J-Life Limited Edition Traditional Shikibuton with Cover

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New J-Life Limited Edition Traditional Japanese Shikibuton

Authentic Japanese Fabric Cover, Authentic Size

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For centuries the Japanese have made beds in a unique way to fit a simple yet elegant lifestyle.

Futons covered in exquisite fabrics. Futons filled with pure and simple cotton. Futons that offer comfort at night and compact storage during the day.

We have reproduced small quantities of this quintessential Japanese futon mattress and can now proudly offer the J-Life Traditional Japanese Shikifuton in four distinctive limited edition 100% cotton fabrics from Japan. Each is hand made using vintage equipment found nowhere else in the United States.

The J-Life Limited Edition Traditional Japanese Shiki Futon is about the size of a twin mattress in the United States - 100cm x 200cm (39” x 78.75”). 3” of 100% USA cotton inside. It folds easily into thirds for storage.

Included White Cotton Cover

The Japanese cover these futons in white cotton covers. Ours comes with a removable 100% cotton ultra sateen cover - shown at left.

This futon ships within 24 hours excluding weekends and holidays. Ground shipping is FREE to the continental United States. 5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. Comfort level: Firm.