Great Wave off Kanagawa T-Shirt




Ukiyoe T-Shirts

Japanese wood block prints or Ukiyoe prints are famous the world over for their elegant lines, beautiful colors and simplicity of design.

We've replicated these prints on our 100% cotton ringer T-shirts for you to enjoy in your choice of three different trim colors - Red, Black or Navy.

5.5 oz. 100% preshrunk cotton - Double-needled neck and trim - Standard fit. Available Sizes:  S, M, L, XL, 2XL   

Autumn Moon at Tama River T-Shirt
Act II of Chushingura T-Shirt
Fisherman Seated on a Rock T-Shirt
Girl Seated T-SHirt
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Infrequent Love T-Shirt
Autum Moon at Tama River
Act II of Chushingura
Fisherman Seated On a Rock
Girl Seated
Under the Wave
Infrequent Love
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Red Fuji
River Trout
A Courtesan Smoking Her Pipe
The Teahouse Waitress
Kinryuzan Temple
Three Fish
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Whirlpool and Waves T-Shirt
Evening SNow at Asuka Yama
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Five Beautiful Women
Two Courtesans
Whirlpool and Waves
Evening Snow at Asuka Yama
Gion Shimu In Snow
Mount Fuji, Storm
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Prince Genji and His Lover T-Shirt
The Poetess Ono No Komachi
Prince Genji and His Lover