J-Life Custom Yukata
J-Life Custom Yukata
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J-Life Custom Yukata

With Matching Sash - In Your Size!

Please allow one to two weeks for delivery.

We use authentic yukata patterns to create delightful yukata from our fabulous 100% cotton imported Japanese fabrics. We accommodate your proportions to make a garment that is authentic in style and truly your own. Please choose your fabric from the fabric chart below.

Asa No Ha Black Fabric Asa No Ha Red Fabric Asa No Ha Navy Small Pattern Asa No Ha Navy Large Pattern Asa No Ha Gold Fabric Asa No Ha Purple Fabric Kasuri Black Fabric Kasuri Red Fabric Kasuri Navy Fabric Tombo Blue #2 Fabric
Tombo Gold Fabric Tombo Lavender Fabric Tombo Navy Fabric Tombo Red Fabric Tombo Teal Fabric Tombo # 2 Red Fabric Seikai Ha Green Fabric Seikai Ha Lavender Fabric Seikai Ha Navy Fabric Seikai Ha Orange Fabric
Seikai Ha Red Fabric Ya Gasuri Blue Fabric Ya Gasuri Matcha Fabric Ya Gasuri Navy Fabric Ya Gasuri Red Fabric Red Kanji Fabric Kanji Black Fabric Sakura Brown Fabric Sakura Charcoal Fabric Sakura Gold Fabric
Sakura Navy Fabric Sakura Red Fabric Usagi (Bunny) Fabric Usagi Navy Fabric            

We Need the Following 6 Measurements:

Length - This is the length in inches from the nape of your neck to the point where you want the yukata to fall (usually the ankle).

Arm Length - the length in inches from the point of your shoulder to the point where you want the sleeve to fall (usually the wrist).

Shoulder to Shoulder - the width in inches from shoulder to shoulder measured across your back.

Shoulder to Hip - the length in inches from the top of the shoulder to the top of the hip bone.

Circumference - the length in inches around the widest part of your body. Widest Point - Please indicate the place at which the circumference measurement was taken.