Incense Holders




Incense Holders


This collection of porcelain stick incense holders is designed to portray the change of the seasons.

These miniature works of art are made with high-quality ceramic. They are handy for travel and fun to collect.

For short sticks or cone incense. Traditional long stick also fits when broken shorter. Use with a tray or plate to hold ash. Made in Japan.

Sakura Incense Holder Morning Glory Incense Holder Autumn Ivy Incense Holder
Chrysanthemum Incense Holder

Sakura - 1.5" diameter

Morning Glory - 1.4" square

Autumn Ivy - 1.54" rectangular

Chrysanthemum - 1.4" square

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New Day Incense Holder Vortex Incense Holder White Rabbit Incense Holder
Butterfly Incense Holder

New Day - 1.6" diameter

Vortex - 1.4" square

White Rabbit - 1.6" diameter

Butterfly - 1.5" rectangular

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Kingfisher Incense Holder Peony Incense Holder Plum Incense Holder
Labyrinth Incense Holder

Kingfisher - 1.5" rectangular

Peony - 1.6" diameter

Plum - 1.4" square

Labyrinth - 1.4" octagonal

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Iris and Fish Incense Holder Spring Cranes Incense Holder    

Iris & Fish - 1.4" hexagonal

Spring Cranes - 1.4" hexagonal



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