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Incense Gift Sets

Classical Fragrances from Shoyeido - packaged for gift-giving!

Boat Incense Gift Set

NEW!  Kyoto Autumn Leaves

IN087 $14.95 

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One of Shoyeido's all-time best selling fragrances is now available as a beautiful, clear topped gift set alongside a handcrafted, 4 1/2" ceramic incense holder.

Immerse into autumnal woodland ambience any time of year with this complete incense gift package. Treat yourself, or share it as a unique gift for any occasion!

Ochoba Leaf Gift Set

IN088 $14.95

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We've combined a 110-stick bundle of Brilliant Peace (Kiho) incense with a miniature, 4 1/2"-long version of our popular ceramic Leaf Shaped Ceramic Holder for this artful new gift package.

As a thoughtful expression of gratitude or affection — or simply as a treat for oneself — this beautiful pairing of ceramic incense holder and plentiful, natural incense is sure to make an impression.

Hand-glazed Mini-Leaf holders come in either blue or white glazes — please allow us to pick one for you!

Boat Incense Gift Set IN072 $19.95

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This set includes a 150-stick box of Baika-ju (Plum Blossoms), plus a porcelain Boat incense holder in a translucent gold silk organdy bag.150 sticks - 5.25" (13.5 cm) long. Approximate burning time: 30 minutes per stick. Bag dimensions: 3 1/2" x 7".