Incense Accessories

Essential to the art of the Japanese Incense Ceremony, ash and charcoal will enhance your incense experience when used with a bowl type burner.

Square Charcoal

Ceremonial Ash

The Book of Incense

Kyoto, Seven Paths to the Heart of the City

Sandalwood Chips

Square Charcoal - 48 Pieces

White Ash

The Book of Incense

Kyoto, Seven Paths to the Heart of the City

Sandalwood Chips / Johin

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This high-quality charcoal is easy to start and maintain. Used with white ash in a bowl or cup-shaped burners with 3-leg design. The traditional 3 legs prevent the burner from over heating. Be certain to extinguish the charcoal after use.

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Use with bowl or cup-shaped burners with 3-leg design. 1.7 oz. Bag. One of the highest quality Ash available in today's market. Fill the bowl or cup-shaped burners up to 2/3 of the height with this quality ash.

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An extensive guide to traditional Japanese incense by Kiyoko Morita. 6.25"W x 9"T soft cover. Black and white illustrations.

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A walking guide to the historic neighborhoods of Kyoto. Beautiful color photographs by one Kyoto's most renowned photographers. 67 pages by Diane Durston. 9"W x 12"T soft cover.

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Sandalwood Chips. .5 Oz

How to Create Fragrance from Wood Chips: Soradaki Method

This method is typically used to scent a small area, by heating the wood chips over charcoal.

Ignite the corner of a piece of charcoal by using a match or lighter. Place the charcoal on top of the ash and wait until it becomes greyish-white in color. When half of the charcoal has turned greyish-white, cover it with a thin layer of ash. Place wood chip directly over the heated part of the ash. (It's best to heat the wood chips over hot ash rather than burning them directly on the charcoal).

Please note: For best results, use wood chips that are approximately 1/4" wide. You should not reuse the ash for "Incense Ceremony" or "Mon-koh," as the scent from the wood chips may remain in the ash and change the fragrance.You may enjoy joss stick incense, granulated incense and kneaded incense by using this same method.