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Germ Resistant Comfy Covers - A J-Life Exclusive!

Comfort - Safety - Style!

Comfort -

The Japanese have used toilet seat covers like these for decades, enjoying the comfort of a warm, soft cover that truly makes the toilet feel velvety smooth. Never experience a cold seat again.

Safety -

With the invention of germ resistant fabrics, these covers add antibacterial protection as well as comfort. This is the same treatment used on surgical gowns, hot tubs, and many household items to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria.

Style -

Let’s not forget style. With four colors (from left to right at right) navy, blue, tan, and white to choose from, Comfy Covers suit virtually any decor. Just click on your preferred color to see a picture of Comfy Covers in action!

Navy Comfy Covers Navy

Light Blue Comfy Covers Light Blue

White Comfy CoversWhite

Fits all standard unsplit toilet seats up to 14'' x 18''. 100% Japanese acrylic fabric. Imported. Machine Washable. A J-Life Home Collection exclusive.

Please Note:This item is not returnable if opened.